Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hull, Georgia


BW Hutchins


BW's wife Becky.
Paul Elkins,
and his wife Becky.

and... Princess Smith.


Anonymous said...

It's Election Day here in Gray! Hope the outcome is positive; and will change the course of this Town!

Anonymous said...

The outcome for Gray's Election puts Debbie Shaw Mancini on the Council; joined by Marjorie Hutchins. A 'Positive' or 'Negative' experience remains to be seen. Hopefully, these gals will take their positions more seriously; and there will be 'no quitting'.. like Matt Sturgis, Julie DeRosche, Mark Sanborn, Mitch Berkowitz, Leigh Sullivan, Barry Sheff, etc.,....we'll see!

Anonymous said...

It appears this new Council is considering a "Swap" with SAD 15???
The School Board wants the citizens of Gray to Give THEM our beautiful New Library in exchange for dear ole Pennell??? What are they thinking? Any thoughts on this 'Deal' Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Prata said...

I dont' get it...where is the building tghe SAD would be abandoning in this mix? The Central Office is on the National Register...have the SAD announced plans for what they may want to do with it if they move out?

Has the SAD provided a rationale for their space needs? Because if they need more space than they have in the SAD Central Office, then why can't THEY move into Pennell? They already own it.

And why would we give up our new, bright library for creaky, dark and dank Pennell?

None of this makes sense to me so far. What's your take?

Anonymous said...

This whole Pennell Deal gets more bizarre every day. Why would the taxpayers of Gray want to Swap our existing Public Library for Pennell..which is falling down? This dilapitated structure..that the courts have decreed that we Do Not Own...will require millions to clean up. I think this is NOT a Good Deal.
The taxpayers would have a problem, I'm sure, allowing the Council to Budget for renovations to a building they don't own.
We've just approved $$$ for renovation (5) schools, Public Works, Fire Dept, Transfer Station, A New San 'n Salt Shed, and a Post Office!
We NEED to KEEP OUR LIBRARY! It belongs to the Town; and is the Only piece of property worth anything.
There has been an offer for the Old Post Office and the Town Office..not including Stimpson Hall. If it were to be sold excluding Stimpson Hall, there would be No Parking!
Frankly, the taxpayers agreed to purchase the Old Post Office with the idea of utilizing it as part of the Town Office. Why Not Do It? We own this property; and it would be more cost effective to expand on what we own rather then Buy New..or move to Pennell.
SAD cannot give the building away..or rent it..or lease it for less than Fair Market Value, per the AG??? Where does the Trust come in? They have given Council until August 30th to make a decision. Doesn't sound right to me, but more information should be available I would think?
I strongly feel that the SAD should keep Pennell since it belongs to them; and leave our Beautiful Library out of their equation. It Just Doesn't make sense...Only to Don Hutchins and Ray Clark!