Thursday, May 24, 2007

Current addictions

Bear Grylls
He is hot! And his tips could save my life too, but man, he’s hot! Man vs. Wild on Discovery. Holy moly, read his Bio. He parachutes into wild remote areas in the world where tourists/hikers/rafters typically get lost and then shows you how to survive and get out. Build an ice cave! Make a raft to float the rapids! Avoid vipers in the desert! Outsmart a rhino! Bear does it all, and usually without a shirt.

Cup of Karma Café's...
...Asian salad with pecan encrusted salmon. Spinach, almonds, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, crunchy noodles, and that chilled pecan encrusted seafood delight on top. Yum yum!!!! Addicted...and the Cafe is only 4 miles from my home. Oh no.

It’s another case of a show has been on for 16 years but I'm just finding it now. I love the videos of pets and kids, especially the babies' expressions when they eat prunes etc. And the ones where too many jumpers are on the trampoline just slay me. I mean, can't they see it coming??

my new4X4
Vroom vroom


Anonymous said...

I am glad Bear was such a good student. He really paid attention to all that I taught him.


Elizabeth Prata said...

LOL Chuck LOL!!!!