Wednesday, May 30, 2007 next? locusts?

We’re having a 50-year drought here

Groundwater levels are dropping statewide. Many wells are approaching their average yearly low water level, which is reached normally in late summer or early fall. Little if any widespread, sustained relief from the drought is anticipated. The long-term outlook is for the drought to continue to intensify. Drought conditions continue to worsen across the entire state. Of Georgia's 159 counties, 74 are classified as being in extreme drought, 79 in severe drought and six in moderate drought.

We’re having wildfire smoke here

Fire conditions throughout the region are the worst in decades, and fires are expected to burn throughout the area for at least another six weeks. In the past few weeks, smoke from wildfires has impacted metro Atlanta, with reduced visibility at Hartsfield International Airport, as well as the towns of Athens and Columbus, which are more than 250 miles from fires burning in southern part of the State.

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