Saturday, October 07, 2006

A weekend morning in the country

I left this morning ahead of my landlord, so that meant drive slow, watch out for grazing horses and open the gate to get out. She lets the horses graze in the larger pasture at night, just closing the main gate at the end of the three tenths of a mile curving gravel driveway. I got out of my putting Honda, unchained the green metal gate, drove thru, and got out to chain it up again. A farm for sure.

I was surprised about the laundromat. I've been thinking about it since yesterday. It's a little building on the corner where the one and only traffic light is. There are banks of double washers and dryers, tables for folding, and wheeled baskets for unloading your wet clothes. A change dispenser and a machine for soap. The only thing not there was an attendant. The doors are propped open with a rock and you just go in do your laundry, and leave. Cool.

I went into town this morning and said hello to a local store owner and got the scoop on retail and merchant doings in town. Apparently three more stores are coming, including a year round holiday shop, a coffee shop and a florist. Three more stores just about doubles the current retail commerce.

On the first Saturday each month, Jose the famous bread maker sets up his bread wares on a table outside the herb shoppe. Apparently his breads, cookies, muffins and cakes are famous in these parts. They did look wonderful. I bought a kalamata olive boule for my friend and a muffin for myself, in addition to having a nice conversation on this beautiful morning.

And best of all, this day dawned crisp and clear. Not hot!

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Anonymous said...

It must be so refreshing to write about these experiences. It is fun to share your experience. I know it's a challenge for you with access issues but I'm always looking forward to the next post.