Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another hate blog bites the dust

The Tinman-run has been erased by the administrator. The latest in a run of blogs in Gray, Maine began in July of this year, and focused on hating the council and hating everyone who loved what the council was doing. I had commented in an earlier post that there seemed to be a plethora of blogs focusing on government in Gray, Maine, and the revolving door is turning ever faster. is but a distant bad memory, and now the casualty in the form of has become a happy reality as well.

I was no fan of either of those blogs, but the Graymaine blog by tinman was poisonous and immature. I defend Tinman's right to speak freely and to create such a forum, but I am happier to defend his or her right to stop speaking so hatefully and to erase the poisonous evidence.

Goodbye graymaine blogspot and hopefully the next blog that surfaces, if one does, will be a more mature and informative.


Anonymous said...

I'll stick with this blog thank you.
I enjoy your observations but rarely reply. Please continue to write, something I appreciate and envy.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Maine web sites. They are talking about you on positively, though

Anonymous said...

It's kind of nice to see any hate blog gone, including yours.

Even though most folks in Gray didn't know it existed, it managed to keep wounds festering, just by existing. Thank goodness it's gone.

Don't be fooled into thinking the ugliness you perpetuated can be erased by little essays on kitties and sunshine and Jesus and the approval of daddy.

Or, wait a second, of course you can be fooled, because you are deluded.
Freud'd have a field day with you.

You think you're above the dirt, but you've covered yourself with it, many times over.

Oh, and by the way, TABOR sucks, is wrong for Maine and people are starting to figure it out.

See you. Not.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about holding onto a grudge. You really should find a quiet place for yourself and examine your own ugliness before you throw stones at others.

Elizabeth Prata said...

To Anonymous of 11:34 p.m.: Ugliness...hateful comments, and virulent anger...please expend it elsewhere.

As far as As Maine Goes, thank you for letting me know that I am a topic of discussion! I read the posts and I'm blushing with the compliments. I respect the folks who said them and I appreciate that they took the time to do so. Thank you!

Dr. Mind said...

To "anonymous 11:34 pm": who's perpetuating ugliness? This blog has been an oasis of positive thinking, excellent writing, important information, and lovely, serene photography. (Bravo, Ms. Prata!) The idea that talk of animals, spirituality and parents could piss anyone off is truly bizarre.

You should consider finding a quiet place of your own before you waste your whole life being angry at other people for the things that are wrong with your own life.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks, Dr. Mind!! I reverted to life snippets today, got off the political bandwagon. The 'really excited ghost' cracked me up.

I agree, parents, our wonderful animals, and spirituality as it applies to everyday life are a welcome change of topics for me to delve into after 7 years or more of politics politics politics.

Thank you for reading! I always appreciate it.