Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Politics of the angry disaffected

The Dispatch and recall people who were so incensed at the unanimous vote of the council switching dispatch from Gray to County, are talking about taking out a petition. According to the charter, the only official petitions one can take out are for a recall (been there done that) petition to enact an ordinance (which does not apply in this case) or to overturn action of council (bingo!)

It appears that there is a petition to overturn the council vote to outsource dispatch to Cumberland County. Petitioners need approx. 750 signatures then the council decision will be held until a vote in the next municipal election.

The Gray Town Charter Article IX describes the process. The charter is available online at click on 'town council' then on 'town charter'.

The politics of the politically disaffected angry recall folk are destructive. They are fight-a-holics in the extreme. (I cannot claim that apt turn of phrase. It is the anonymous person on the new Gray Maine blog that used to be run by Tinman.) I would much rather see citizens working with, or persuading respectfully, than railing against. Don't they ever get tired of fighting?

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Anonymous said...

I personally feel that it's the Democrats, led by Proudian et al., who are not acting in the best interest of Gray citizens. I am a Democrat.

The idea is to exert political control at the local level, in order to develop candidates for state level positions, to further your party goal.


This group is so far off the mark, because their actions are focused on single negative actions.

Their duty was to be on top of the issue and do their due diligence PRIOR to the vote.

Prior to the vote they could have motivated people with facts and education on the issue.

After the vote, they fall back to motivating people with anger.

They desperately need a win, but this is not a third world country - assassination by petition has consistently failed.

Especially with this issue, when people will vote their pocketbook. The council voted in the fiscal interest of the citizens. Simple as that.

Anything they try to say after that is moot.