Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One of my science haikus will be published!

Dave Ng of the Science Creative Quarterly has accepted one of my haikus for the Phylogeny Project!

Wikipedia says phylogenetics "In biology, phylogenetics (Greek: phylon = tribe, race and genetikos = relative to birth, from genesis = birth) is the study of evolutionary relatedness among various groups of organisms (e.g., species, populations) etc.

It was interesting to create freely in a medium that usually restricts creative liberties in the written expressive form. Same with journalism. Freeing up from a particular medium's constrictions is exhilarating. Writing creatively in science is an inspirational juxtaposition. So is, for example, the genre "creative non-fiction." I always enjoyed writing editorials because it offered limited liberation from the constrictions of strict journalistic writing.

Anyway, here's my haiku, a poem that contains three lines, with syllables in pattern of 5-7-5.


Coral, grows real slow
Beautiful colors rise high
Boat prop, the end is real quick

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Jeanne said...

Congratulations! I liked the other two as well, you should put them up on here. Also, I think they would make a great little, little book. Maybe a play on the syllables, 5 by 7 by 5 somehow. maybe 5 inches high by 5 inches wide by 7 poems deep. A Haiku book! Okay, now I want you to get right on that! And send photos!

I'm opening the gallery soon, maybe we'll put out the sign this weekend! Should have enough of DJ's stuff in by then. Some paintings are in, and Alex is creating a very interesting series of stencil paintings on vinyl records. he's creating Thelonius Monk right now (on an old Carpenters record, which led to a lot of loud bad singing......sprinkled stardust in your hair and created eyes so blue... do do do doooooooo!) Back to painting... Which inspired his friend, which led to Erkles on a pair of dollar store loafers, which I think he sold for cash. Loved that.

i on the other hand, have not made any books to put in the gallery. Well, one envelope book. I worked on Family Incognito, which you saw the start of before you left, and it's going well. Trying to get the flag book thing down. i just always want to be learning something new. Contemplating making a guest book for the gallery but it seems like it should have a "good" idea. Maybe a paintbrush book - remember the one the woman had in Crystal's class we took at the museum? What's her last name, I wanted to google her the other day to see if she was showing anywhere and I couldn't remember it.

Rainy in Grayberry!