Sunday, October 29, 2006

Split personality town

Saturday I went to the library just before 10 a.m. opening. The lights were off and there was no one around. As I waited in the car, I saw another woman waiting in her car two parking spots over. "Good, so I'm not the only one," I thought. The technology librarian arrived and I thought that any second the library would open for the day. It was just 10 a.m. The other woman got out and talked with the technology librarian. Not going in. Waited more. Not going in. What's up? I thought.

A small Honda zoomed up and a woman got out and opened the library doors. The other car-waiting woman laughed as I came in, she said, "It's the case of the lost keys!" Oh, so that was it. They didn't have the keys. The woman pointed to the Head Librarian, who it turns out was the one who had zoomed up. She said, "I wish I had a camera!" The Librarian was in PJ's, robe, and slippers. The be-robed librarian was the only one who had the keys, and when she heard the library had not opened on time and no one else had the keys, jumped in her and zoomed over, not stopping to dress but her only thought was to serve the patrons.

Cut to the afternoon, beading bracelets at a jewelry shop with two friends and the proprietor of the store. We were talking about the place down the road called "Snug Harbor" which features a gate, a Confederate flag, and two military trucks painted in camo parked out front. "Sure, he's a survivalist," the jewelry proprietor said. "He visited this store when I first opened up and told me about his AK 47s. He said if I stepped one toe on his property he'd shoot me."

We gasped and laughed and said 'Well I guess we won't be turning around in his driveway.' The jewelry lady said, "He strings razor wire across his driveway every night."

From the Librarian in PJs to the Razor Wire Survivalist...this town has it all.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine kids visiting that house for Halloween.

Here kid would you like the hand grenade or the ammo clip?

Elizabeth Prata said...

Nah, just some napalm, please