Sunday, October 22, 2006

Some photos, and flamingo carnage

My beautiful cat, Abby.

Horses in the misty morning fog across the street from my apartment. The brush on the field is just now starting to turn reddish in the fall coolness. It's sorghum, I found out. Though the cool weather was fleeting, it will be 82 degrees for the next few days. Soon to return, I am sure.

There's this house I pass on the way to the Post Office. The owners have decorated their lawn with about 20 small pink flamingoes. They looked cool the first day they were up, it really looked like a flock had just landed.

But the next day there came a cool wind, blowing some over. Now when you drive by, about 6 of them are laying on their sides among the ones that are standing. Unfortunately, the tableau now looks like the fallen ones are dead. Flamingo carnage of the highest order. I am not kidding, I've driven by there about half a dozen times by now since the windstorm came, and every time, it looks like the of Jonestown of flamingoes.

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maggiegracecreates said...

I linked over here from flickr. A note about the flamingoes. A fund raiser for Jones Chapel Youth. You can pay to have someones yard "flocked" and then they pay to have them moved. Lots of fun - especially the slipping around and trying to not get caught.