Thursday, April 07, 2016

Visual Journal: Squirrel

I like taking photos of children and sports because the action happens fast and you never know which way a player or a kid will go. Setting up the shot, anticipating, and capturing something that occurs and is over is a flash is a challenge.

But nothing like trying to get a good shot of a squirrel. This is a challenge on steroids, at warp speed. And forget when he doubles back...!

I'm satisfied with what I got. I'll try again sometime, when my head stops spinning from trying to anticipate which way he'll go next.


Grace to You said...

Love the sunshine radiating from the squirrel's tail in the top photo!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Me too! Glad you picked up on that. The light makes the tail look almost like something different.

Anonymous said...

Your photo prompted me to research the squirrel's tail and why it is designed in such a unique way. At you will find a delightful little site that answers just that question. Basically, that bushy tail provides protection from rain or snow, as a wrap at night it keeps itself warm and in the summer it can keep them cool. In addition, the tail is used for balance and communication. God's design is always amazing. Sandy

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks SO much, Anonymous! That is very cool. I'm so glad you went the extra mile and researched it and then went the extra, extra mile and shared back with me. :)