Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Shooting old things from new angles

I'm reading The Creative Photographer. There are several good suggestions I've read in the "Inspired Vision" section designed to spark creativity by helping the photographer to see usual things in a new way. One of the suggestions is to look for the alphabet in nature and to look for numbers. I am going to do this.

A second suggestion is to take 100 photos of the same thing over time. The suggestion was to take it over different days, under different lights, from above, below, etc. The task is to train the eye to see the same things in new ways. The author said photos taken of the item over time can become a kind of visual journal.

A third suggestion that I liked picks up on the notion of a visual journal. It is to actually keep a visual journal. The recommendation is to cut out pictures of things from magazines or books of photos I wish I'd taken. Over time a theme may emerge. For example, I might notice I gravitate to cutting out lots of pictures of flowers, or things that are red, or lots of pictures of hands in different positions. etc.

The only problem with #3 is that while I'm good at photography I'm terrible at making anything three-dimensional. There's a massive disconnect between my brain and my hands.

Anyway, here are my letters I've been able to find so far.

Clockwise from top left, L, S, V, Z, U, O
It's a good book, basic enough to understand, but challenging with practical ideas. It's nice to have a vacation like this week's Spring Break where there are enough days to shed the stress which allows mind to relax and try new things.


Grace to You said...

I did an online photography workshop years ago and we also had to look for letters in nature - that was so fun! But my two favorite assignments were looking for texture (favorite picture in that category was tree bark) and photographing art supplies in unusual places (favorite picture in that category was colored pencils in my toothbrush holder). So glad you're enjoying this fun adventure!

Elizabeth Prata said...

I love the texture idea. I do enjoy texture and I notice I photograph wood, concrete and bricks quite often. The art supplies in unusual places sounds challenging! I think I'll look up some more challenges. I like them. Your two have given me some good ideas.