Saturday, April 16, 2016

Today's cooking

Left over from last week's cooking bonanza thanks to a plentiful Bountiful Basket, was zucchini. I had roasted the two large zucchinis and decided this Saturday to make it into a dip, or spread. That happened. I put the zucchini straight into the food processor with softened cream cheese, lemon, and salt. A few 'whizzes' later, it was a spread. I'll enjoy with my baked pita crisps I'd also made last week.

Dips & spreads are so easy to make and so handy to have for a snack or a sandwich filling when I need to make a quick lunch.

At my local grocery store yesterday there were quite a few white button mushrooms for sale at reduced price. They were still white and good looking and there were many that were marked down, so I bought three containers. Knowing mushrooms, they would not stay white and good looking for long. I looked up a few recipes but in the end went the simple route. I sauteed them whole until crisp, only adding a slight amount of olive oil and salt, leaving them to reduce gently. I'd also made vegetable stock lost week and when the mushrooms were ready, simply added the stock and even more gently simmered it. Soup!

These are two containers worth.
I saved one to make something in a couple days.

Of course a few of those golden delicious mushrooms had to go into my scrambled egg... ;)

I also made brownies, and roasted two small heads of broccoflower (a cauliflower-broccoli hybrid).

To sum up:

Mushroom soup
Zucchini dip
Roasted Broccoflower
Hot slaw- for wraps
Cantaloupe- for smoothies

The cabbage hot slaw to use in wraps is because I still have two heads piled up from BB. We had successive weeks of cabbage bonanza and it's really hard to eat a lot of cabbage at once but thank goodness it keeps a long time.

Not a bad morning. I've got my food for the week all set and it is a bright sunny day. I think later I will cut up the paste paper I'd made last week into bookmark size, and laminate them to give as gifts. And watch some TV (maybe Last Man Standing or Judge Judy), and at the last as the sun goes down and things get cozy in the apartment, read my book. Saturday!


Grace to You said...

"...and at the last as the sun goes down and things get cozy in the apartment, read my book."

An exquisite sentence! When I read it this morning I got my book and a blanket and settled on my couch for a while. We're getting another spring snowstorm, so it was a perfect time for some coziness.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks! Another storm? Oy, when will spring finally arrive for you?

Grace to You said...

It has arrived, in between snow can see pics of our flowers at I shudder to think what this will do to them, but we need the water.