Friday, April 08, 2016

My new potting table

I'd said a few weeks ago in another post that it's almost time to plant. Spring is here and sometimes in north GA we can plant then or in early April but it's best, says the wise green thumbs, to wait until the second week of April. And indeed, we do have a threat of frost tonight and tomorrow.

I changed my patio configuration again. I never was satisfied with the pots being on the outside of the table. They do get in the way of foot traffic I'd hoped they would make a nice defined border between the walkway and the sitting area, but it just looked weird.

My catalyst for changing it again was that a dear friend gave me a potting table! I put the watering can in it, which I love because I never had a spot to put it before and I always thought it looked funny just sitting next to the door, orphaned. Here is how my area looks now:

I moved the red pot and the pot with the blue bulb in it back to the house next to the one with spider plant & ivy. This week the temperatures were perfect, upper 60s and low 70s but on the patio in the sun it felt wonderfully warm. I spent some happy hours out there reading and having lunch, and watching the birds.

I bought some impatiens seeds to plant in some of the pots and also by the dogwood tree. The Dollar Store was out of bird seed but I'll get some next time. Monday when I go back to school I'll swing by the plant place in Danielsville and get a few already grown ones and some flowers too.

I really love this time of year. The next time (aside from Saturdays) I'll have time to sit out there will be when school ends in May. I am starting to really like my little outdoor nook.

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Grace to You said...

That little table is so cute - what a nice blessing from the Lord!