Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Sky photography

In the book I'm reading, Creative Photography, the author suggested making a visual journal by tearing out clips from magazines of photos I wish I'd taken, and as time goes on to look for themes or parse reasons why I like a particular photo. I liked that idea but I'm not going to do it. I'd rather make my own journal and fill it with my own photos, lol.

The author also suggested to take 100 photos of the same thing in different lights and from different angles. I liked this idea too. This trains the eye to see differences even among familiar things, and to stretch one's self by trying different angles on old and familiar items.

One of my earliest favorite photos I took 38 years ago in Maine, during the fall season amid a vivid and colorful section of trees lining the quadrangle. I looked UP. I pointed my camera to the upper yonder and framed a vivid yellow cluster of leaves against an azure sky with the sun behind them. It was great.

I don't do that a lot so this week I started looking straight up again. I'd been admiring the clear blue sky such as we get here in Georgia in the spring. The pollen haze was washed away and the thunderstorm cleared the weeks of the air away and left behind a startlingly blue expanse. So I pointed the camera straight up and these photos were the result.


Grace to You said...

Love the pine tree against the sky in the bottom pic!

You inspired me to look up last night...look at the sunset I found:

Thanks for the encouragement to look up. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Gorgeous! So vivid!

Eugenie said...

I like taking sky pictures too. I love pictures of clouds.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Me too Eugenie! An always-changing palette in the sky. I like researching what kind of clouds they are.