Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainy days and sleeping kitties

A few days ago we were madly covering pipes and adding antifreeze to every engine we own in frigid, below zero wind chill weather. Now we are listening to tornado watches and preparing our storm closet in 60 degree weather. Weird!!

I plugged in the weather radio, so the tornado siren would be on and could alert me. Though here in Georgia they don't say "plugged in" they say "plugged up". And they don't press buttons here, they say mash the button.

I made my new favorite recipe, Veggie-slaw wrap with hummus sauce, for lunch. Now making apple crisp. I've had a busy morning and when the crisp is done I plan to sit down and read with tea and dessert.

The addition of a new kitty is an exponential impact to the scene here at Prata Plaza. It's like earthquakes. As this guy said, "What this means is that for each whole number you go up on the Richter scale, the amplitude of the ground motion recorded by a seismograph goes up ten times."

I clean the litter box three times a day now instead of once. I vacuum almost every day now, instead of once per week. And when I do, I move furniture. I wash each and every throw I've put over the 2 chairs, couch, and bed. That's two extra loads of laundry.I've already made a couple trips to the store for more litter and more food. But it's all to be expected and I don't mind at all.

I've been playing with the three cats each day so that if there is any aggression or hierarchy-shifting pecking order fights then they will have less energy to do it. Bert stays away from Murray. Murray will play-attack but Bert just sigh and lumbers over to a spot where he can put his back to the wall and watch with a wary eye (weary eye?)

Things seem more active between Luke and Murray. I think that Murray is either playing the way kitties do, or he is trying to establish himself as new Alpha cat. We will see. Hence the play times.

I drag a fishing pole with a ribbon attached to the end that looks like wings of a bird. Each cat gets a turn and they each wait their turn, lol. I forgot how much Bert loves the fishing pole. As he has aged, I'd take it out and entice him with it, waving it in front of his eyes or dragging it across the rug in front of him. He would simply look at me like I was an idiot. After a while I'd feel like an idiot and I just stowed the pole. Now that Murray is on the scene, Bert is suddenly VERY interested. Amazing what jealousy can do.

After the play sessions, Murray gets pooped and collapses on the hassock. Then the other two clamber up on the table and look at me accusingly and then heave a sigh and lay down around the laptop. I make sure to give each some attention and reassurance. All in all, things are going well.

We have received a tremendous amount of rain the last two days. The entire lawn is a standing pool. As I walked out the door and crossed over to the garage to check the laundry, I saw the whole patio between my apartment and the rest of the house (shaped like a square U) had at least 4 inches of water! I sloshed over to check out the problem, the cold water covering my entire foot up to the ankle. Oh, it's only that the neighbor decided to put her patio umbrella stand directly over the culvert drain.

I mean what sane person says, when looking for a spot to set up the patio table and put the umbrella down the center hole into its stand, "Here is a great spot COVERING THE DRAIN."

I got soaked while trying to find the drain, move the table, and then in the rain, standing there moving the leaves that drain down to the mesh and with my foot, swirling it again and again so more water can drain before it clogged up again. It took a while. The gutters were just gushing more water down, and the place was a pool ducks could safely paddle in.

I don't know much about home ownership and house infrastructure, but I do know what a drain is for. Oh well..

 Well the apple crisp is done and I plan to have some dessert and maybe take a lesson from the 3 sleeping cats and take a nap myself...

Bert heard me coming in and sat up a bit to see what was going on.
That lump is Luke under the throw.

Murray. Cute isn't he!
Even sleeping he is all-motion.
He stretched a nanosecond after I snapped the first photo of him


Anonymous said...

What's a hassock? Melissa S. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

A hassock is a smaller ottoman, a soft stool where one rests their feet while sitting. He likes to hide under it and attack the other cats walking by, or sleep on top of it when he wears himself out doing the former :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing that up. I could have googled it but your answer was more interesting. Turns out I own a hassock, even, and now I know what to call it. Do you know what goetta is? That is a food very commonly eaten in Cincinnati but people from other places don't usually know what it is. You are a vegetarian, though, so you would not eat it.