Sunday, January 05, 2014


We are supposed to get very cold overnight, temps in the single digits and wind chills even lower.

I never saw so many men in the Dollar Store, all looking for the recently moved automotive aisle. I bought the second to last gallon of antifreeze. It finally paid off to go to the Dollar Store so often you know where everything is.

The property kitty that my neighbor on the other side of the house had casually adopted, is an outdoor cat. She feeds it, but the possums eat the dish right out from under the kitty. His water bowl freezes up each night. He sleeps under the shed. He is alone all day with no human interaction. He is four months old and very pretty and extremely lovable. With the temps so cold these last few nights he sits outside and cries. I couldn't take that, so I brought him inside my apartment. I really resisted. I tried not to. But I hated waking up every morning and peeking outside to see if he is alive or dead. 

He has fleas. I am going to hate that in a few days when the one or two that escaped flea bath I gave him shows that the fleas have multiplied and attacked my other two cats. But what is a humane person to do? Leave him in the sleet and 7 degree temps? No way.

I put out the call for someone to adopt him but I'm conflicted about it. I love the l'il guy, and my other cats seems to tolerate him OK and maybe will accept him into the family one day soon. I'd LOVE to keep him. But financially I can't commit to him. I already have a hard time keeping up with food and litter for my other two cats, and if there is a vet bill, oh my. Now more food, more litter, budget for a vet bill.

Oh well, I think I've adopted another cat. Or he adopted me. I'll worry about the money later. First, is the love.


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Anonymous said...

Awww, what a wonderful act of compassion, especially given the cold weather. The Lord has given you such a tender heart for not only precious lost souls (as evidenced by this and your other blog), but also for sweet little kitties. Murray has an adorable face, just like your other two. :)

Can you give Bert and Luke flea baths, too, as a preventative?

Many, many years ago, while my husband and I were out for a walk on a cold winter's night, a cute little black and white cat came up to us. She seemed to have been abandoned, and was very friendly. We knocked on some people's doors, to see if she belonged to anyone, to no avail. Anyhow, the little cutie followed us all the way home, 1.5 miles total! Since it was night, we took her in, but unfortunately had to bring her to the local SPCA the next day (a new family adopted her within a week). We were not able to keep her where we lived at that time. It still makes me sad that we couldn't keep her, though. We've owned a number of animals, but never had one follow us home like that cute girl did.

I hope you're able to keep Murray. Perhaps the Lord will find a way for you to afford this new sweet feline friend!