Thursday, January 30, 2014


In looking at my stash of photos I've taken over the years, I notice that there are more than a few of mushrooms. I guess I like them! Some mushrooms I have known:

Elephant ear mushroom growing on dead tree stump, Comer GA. It was large, but dried-out and butt-ugly

Mushroom town in Comer GA. A population of tiny button mushrooms sprang up during the wet fall. They were nestled under a tree by my front door.

Here's a closeup of one. It was white and delicate and very pretty. It looked delicious to eat, but I didn't dare.

Polyporus squamosis, I think. Gray Maine

These are those puffy mushrooms that explode spores when you hit them. So of course I hit them. Comer GA

Some large mushrooms growing in the front yard near a dead stump int he shade. Comer GA.

At Bendzunas Glass, an artfully made mushroom watering can! Comer GA

I wrote in a previous blog entry that I had known Sam the Mushroom Man when I lived in Maine. Dr Sam Ristich was a world-renowned mycologist who happened to live in North Yarmouth Maine, and from whom I rented an apartment on his property. When I moved from the place, he gave me this mushroom stamp. It says, "Dear Elizabeth, I hope you find prolonged happiness."

For Sam, happiness was mushrooms.

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