Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cat battles mailman: very funny. No school today

I laughed a lot at this one. I bet you will too. Being home on a no-school day means I have time to watch funny cat videos.

I'm posting at this time of day because we have a no-school day. Here is why. Shawn Reynolds of The Weather Channel took several of TWC producer Stephen Neslage's photos and put them into one montage. Here clockwise, we see ATL gridlock, (some stopped for over 10 hours), abandoned cars littering the Atlanta highways, and people sleeping in various grocery store aisles. Shawn is at @WCL_Shawn and Stephen is at @StephenNeslage. The AJC reports that the governor has sent National Guard humvees to try and rescue the students still on buses trapped in the traffic, and others to bring food and water to students over-nighting in schools.

I went outside at around 8:30 this morning to check things out. It was about 19 degrees with a real feel of 13. It felt VERY cold and the walk way was all ice. The Sheriff's Department is urging and pleading  for people to stay off the roads.

Looks kinda forlorn, doesn't it...

I'm bundled up in my apartment and I'm actually thinking about going back to bed for a while. Icy, cold, forbidding day... It seems like an 'extra' day because of no school. Why not?


Heather ~ Central Coast of CA said...

Aye yi yi! And over here on the West Coast, we are experiencing drought (in San Luis Obispo County-driest year on record last year!) and 70-80 degree average temps!

Elizabeth Prata said...

I'm worried about your drought! I hear it's one of the worse ever?

Heather ~ Central Coast of CA said...

Yes, it is and according to "experts", it's not going to get better anytime soon :(.
One of the Landmarks here, the historical "Hearst Castle" just announced they have such a low water table that they are unable to keep the magnificent (one of the big tourist draws of the castle) pool filled, and will close it off.
That is a huge indicator of the dwindling water here.
It's sad. I keep praying for rain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Cat vs Mailman - was hilarious!!! Thanks for posting that!

Stay warm!