Sunday, August 11, 2013

School tomorrow

Tomorrow I go back to school. We have four days of meetings, pre-planning and setting up rooms and then Friday the kids come back. The yellow school buses will roll out once again, and again and again, for the next 180 days. Or so.

Every year it's different- my daily tasks as a special education para-professional are to meet the needs of the children in the program who have been identified as needing such and such for so many minutes per day. Which kids I support, in which classrooms I support them, and how that support is meted out depends on the needs of each child who comes in. So year to year it changes. I'll know more when I go to school this week and all the regular education and special education kindergarten teachers hash out the schedule and then they will hand it to me and I'm good to go.

Seeing as how I am going to rise with the sun for the first time since May are a few photos to remind me of what the world looks like at that time.

Dawn over the horse farm

Sunrise over the Cumberland River, Georgia

Sunrise at Myrtle Beach SC

Sunrise at Myrtle Beach SC 

 Dawn at Madison County GA

Dawn over Paoli, GA
Till next time...


Anonymous said...

Dawn is a beautiful time! What lovely pictures. Have a great day tomorrow.


Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks so much, Barb!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Thanks :) I know you'll be lovin your coffee in the morning. Melissa S.