Sunday, August 25, 2013


In looking through my photos, I noticed that I seem to gravitate to strong colors when snapping pictures of non-natural things. IE, man-made. And of those, I seem to take photos of red most often. Here are some pics of strong colors.

Swinging chairs at the County Fair

Fire truck axes from the parade

John Deere tractor from Farm Day

Books at the Library

An old Corvette stored in my friend's backyard

Madison County Red Raiders sign (football)

Red font at a nearby store

A whimsical grain bin

Decorative pots at Toccoa

I began with two chairs and I'll end with two chairs. The sign says "Not responsible for accidents."


Anonymous said...

Especially love the pic of the county fair swinging chairs, the carousel grain bin, and the decorative pots at Toccoa.

I always appreciate people with an eye for art/photography.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely DELIGHTFUL & refreshing to find your lovely journal here after an especially stressful week. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly things that we introverts enjoy. =)

Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks Anonymous! I hope you have a great weekend. (