Thursday, August 08, 2013

Braise that celery

As the summer leaks away like air from a balloon, I value every second ever more. I am looking forward to school, but the first month is always such a high cliff to climb. By this point I'm looking forward to school. However it is always such a big cliff to climb. During the summer, if I do three things in one day I'm exhausted and take the next week to recover. During the school year I do 2.340 million things a day and take 7 hours to recover.

But just thinking about the kids on the first day puts a smile on my face. The little kindergarteners are soooo tiny at the beginning of school. They are all dressed up, and look cute. Some cry, some cling to mom or dad, some are extremely shy and just stand there, frozen. Some get lost inside the school and wander down the hall while others and wander around in circles. It really is like herding cats and rounding up horses.

I enjoy the first day because I can help a kid feel better immediately. When they get lost in the cafeteria looking for their breakfast cards, I can calm them down and gently guide them. I can hold their hand walking down the hall. I can smile. I can tell them the look good, are doing well, will make it.

Usually around 10:00 in the morning they start asking when it is time to go home. It is a monstrously long day for them, from 7:30 to 3:00, if they come for breakfast. It's pretty tiring for us, too. Thankfully they always structure it so that the first day is a Friday and then we all go home and collapse.

For breakfast this morning, one of my last leisurely of the summer, I made a fresh scrambled egg with tomato, whole grain toast, and fruit salad with grapes and nectarines. So yummy!

With the basket of veggies I'd gotten last Saturday, I received two bunches of celery. Celery always perplexes me, and having it in the fridge in bulk ... I'm stumped. So I threw it toward the back and left it there. Well yesterday I googled a recipe for braised celery from Alton Brown. Alton Brown! Alton Brown!

It looks great so that is what I'll do after getting back from the Post Office and the Dollar Store (ah, the never-ending need for kitty litter...). So lunch will be broccoli-cheese quiche I'd made yesterday, the upcoming braised celery and another fruit salad (bananas, grapes, mango).

Dinner will be very light and then this evening a new episode of Project Runway. And there you have it, one of the last days of summer!


Anonymous said...

How fun, I love the start of school years too, as I used to volunteer at a local Christian school. It is sweet when you can comfort, guide, and encourage a young tot. Those moments are precious.

You sound like you're having tons of fun with your BBs. What a wonderful blessing.

How do your cats going to adjust to your school year start? Is the 'pillow of doom' on the peacock wingback still effective when you're not at home? Or will they stage a coup?


Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi Carolyn,

The pillow remains on the chair when I am home or not. They run from the table next to it, along the top/back of the chair which is very narrow, (which they teeter on) and it's pillow of doom because they hate jumping on it due to instability,lol.

The cats get lonely at first when I go to school. They we all re-adjust to the schedule

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, I just wondered if your cats got more "daring" when you aren't around. But now I get it, the pillow itself is not a good sensation under their feet. Hence it's a deterrent all on its own.