Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chicken party, veggie delight, cool weather

The chickens came back. This time, they were here for the figs that have fallen on the ground. The rooster was gorgeous. His coloration was striking, containing burnt umber,  sunset red, iridescent blue, and crow black tailfeathers.

I'm enjoying the cool rainy day. It's 64 degrees and I have had the opportunity to use the oven and not smoke myself out of house and home! I made two dishes of roasted veggies, and one of roasted chilies. The veggies were a mix of green pepper, onion, carrots, and leeks. The roasted chilies I don't know what to do with but I wanted to cook them and I'll likely use them somehow with black beans and an onion. Maybe black bean pate.

My Bountiful Basket today contained two huge heads of romaine lettuce, mangoes, avocados, tomatoes, onions, English cuke, grapes, spinach, plums and bananas. YUM. I had been given 2 lb of green beans, and this morning I steamed them. Tomorrow I think I'll make a Hungarian green bean soup, but I'll have to make a roux to thicken it. I know roux is easy, I just don't like dealing with flour. But I love thick soup, so...roux it is.

Being cool today, I was motivated to get some chores done early- vacuum, laundry and clean the plastic shower curtain. I hate taking that down and putting it up but I sure do love how clean it is after I throw it in the washer. I can tell I've started school, after I wrestled the shower curtain back onto the dozen shower curtain rings, I stepped down and said aloud to myself, "Good job!" I can't help it. LOL, it's what teachers do.

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