Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yeast expires, you know

I made bread today. I have a bread machine and I thought it would be a nice, homey thing to have it baking while I wrote the prophecy newsletter. So I started making it and I took down the bag of yeast packets I have and I noticed that they expired two years ago. Hmmm.Time files, apparently. Well, I thought, I have the yeast and I have the other ingredients, so why not?

Here's why: because what comes out of your bread machine at the end is a little bowling ball the mass of a black hole, weighing 3000 pounds and compressed to something that will crash through the floor like a meteorite if I dropped it. So my light, fluffy loaf of bread is compressed down to a size of a softball and about as dense as cobalt.

I ate it anyway.

Hey, with butter, anything is edible.

A nice day, upper 70s and I know this from the temperature thingie on the top right of my laptop screen. I didn't actually go outside, silly.

I am looking forward to a good time at church tomorrow and then a Sunday meal and nap, then correspondence with some internet friends. I have a new book by Michael Landon Jr called The Silent Gift. The highlight of my day will likely be the crossing off of another day at school, marking the final countdown to summah! (19 1/2 days left!)


Ma said...

I've never had expired yeast. I'm sorry it didn't work anyway. I hope the bread wasn't too bad.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I understand if it is active east it does flatten out as time goes on, because it is a microorganism. It came out at half the size I was going for (1.5 lb loaf) but the weight of it was 9000 pounds, despite the smaller size, lol!