Sunday, April 15, 2012

And here I was so sure I wouldn't get old...

So growing up all my older relatives wore glasses. As a kid I'd see them look, fumble, hunt, and grope around for those glasses they always seemed to misplace. How silly, I'd think! Those forgetful grownups. I'll never be like that!

LOL, yesterday I was mumbling "where are my glasses??" and went to look in some usual haunts for them. They were on top of my head. Oy!! And today I actually got in the car and drove out the driveway heading toward church before I realized I didn't have my glasses on. I squealed to a stop and backed into the driveway, reversed down the length of it, turned the car off, and went back inside the house to get them. NOW I'm beginning to understand those long ago private chortles would come back to haunt me!

As far as the school year goes, we are rounding third and heading for home. There is only another month to go and then I'll be liberated from the clock and from bells and from schedules. From opening countless lunchroom milks, from tying shoelaces that have been dragged over the boys' room floor all day, from unsticking backpack zippers, and from shushing kids in line. I'll miss those tiny kid hugs, though, and the light that comes across their faces when they finally understand a new word or a math problem. Sniff sniff.

Though as a routine oriented person I will keep my schedule as rigidly as ever, but knowing that I am doing it for me and not for work makes a difference. My teacher friends are busy making plans and reservations for summer vacations. I am making plans on which books to read. I am not going anywhere. I am staying at home!

Maybe that is another symptom of getting where did I put my glasses...?


Anonymous said...

I am so there! and worse I have several pair (the inexpensive drugstore readers) so those things won't happen. It helps but it doesn't solve the problem. :-D
Thanks for that post! LM

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi LM, good idea to have several pair stashed around! Mine are prescription and thus are the sole pair, so I usually perch them atop my head. I used to have those old lady strings attached to them but I just got tangled up in them all the time.