Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a chicken!

When I moved to Madison County GA a few years ago, I learned how very VERY important chickens are to, well, everything. Madison County is a big chicken producer. Chicken houses and chicken processing plants employ a lot of people. Being rural there are a great may homeowners who have a chicken or two for eggs wandering around the yard. It is de rigeur to have a chicken, see a chicken, and eat chicken. (and eggs). I enjoy taking photographs of moving targets, and animals are especially fun. I enjoyed trying to find the more beautiful and pleasant aspects of the noble chicken. Are there hidden depths to a chicken? There might well be. I have never gotten close enough, long enough, to find out.

A clucky friend brought to a local VBS show and tell a few years ago

Chicken Alley, the place in the car-less days they used to being the chickens and the eggs to sell on Saturday mornings

A wandering chicken scrabbling around the old general store at Gholston Stand

Life inside a chicken house. He looks kinda fierce doesn't he?

Life inside a chicken house. The Chicken Master.

Life inside a chicken house. It's not the exit to the gift shop, that's for sure...

Life inside a chicken house. I liked the red on red.

What mailbox yard art installation would be complete without a couple of plastic roosters?

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