Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Corner View: Bliss

Jane at Spain Daily has a weekly theme upon which we all write from our corner of the world. It is called Corner View and this week's theme is "Bliss." Please be sure to check out her entry and the links to all the others!

For a Christian there can be no other answer that the place where all bliss comes from, Jesus. Not your children, because God gives us children. Not nature, because He created it. Nothing else exists in the permanent blissful state except the peace that passes all understanding, and the peace in knowing that heaven is my home. I have been issued a temporary visa to reside on earth, but the fact is, I am blissfully aware that my mansion is being prepared for me in heaven, right at this moment.

This moment was blissful: Upping anchor in a Georgia marsh at sunrise, marsh grasses rustling and the tiny wavelets kissing the bow...

And this moment was blissful: Myrtle Beach SC sunrise over a quiet beach.

But those were just moments. The thing with bliss is, the bliss is fleeting. If we could only capture it, keep it, and remain in that peacefully sublime state forever. O, but we can! For here is bliss:

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