Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Corner View: From where I'm sitting

Jane at Spain Daily has a weekly theme upon which we all write from our corner of the world. It is called Corner View and this week's theme is "From Where I'm Sitting." Please be sure to check out her entry and the links to all the others! (When she re-posts all the links that disappeared from her sidebar, hate when that happens!)

I sit a great deal of the time at home. And most of that time that I'm home, I am at my computer. Therefore, the view is very limited. When I don't have to work during the summer (I work at an elementary school) I am writing. I run a prophecy blog and an e-mail newsletter and those take a great deal of time to research and write. I also take a lot of time to try my hand at better photography for my work on this blog. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm a photographer in progress.

So my view is limited to my left and my right, and the photo below is to my left: the living room. The oddly covered chair is the cat chair. The cats own it. They majestically recline, Roman style, eying their lessers (me) from the vantage point of the Blue Throne Chair.

The small bookcase contains my Italian and Renaissance and Art books, and the window looks out on an expansive yard that's tree-lined and awash with birdsong. Needless to say, the cats also enjoy the vantage point of eying their lessers (the birds) from the vantage point of The Bookcase Heights. See, I have very little say in what goes on around here. They own everything.

The view to my right is of the kitchen. I eschewed to photograph the sink, lest the small pile of dishes therein indicate an attitude toward domestic chores that does not befit a stay-at-home summer teacher with plenty of time on her hands to wash them. Instead, I bring you the hanging rack of colorful Fiestaware cups (original) and the also original painting hanging above my table. My previous landlord gave me this charming oil of the Bay of Naples, painted for him by a local Italian boy while my landlord was stationed in Naples many years ago. It was sweet for him to give that to me.

The fan is the key ingredient in the months of May and June. I choose not to use my air conditioning yet, as it is expensive and the Stay At Home Teacher has lots of time to write but not a lot of money to spend. Ah, time and money, the twain never meet. It is always one or the other. Anyway, I hunch in front of the laptop and the fan, spending my summer days studying and writing. And I could not be happier.

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jane said...

it looks so cozy. coco has an entire sofa... ;) happy weekend!