Saturday, February 20, 2010

The storm that was here today and gone tomorrow

We had a pretty good snow storm last Friday. It closed schools and businesses, and dropped about 6 inches atop Georgians who are definitely not used to it but loved seeing the white stuff nonetheless. Not me. I'm from Maine and I have had enough of the vile fluffies. But the great thing about Georgia is, one day the snow was here:

And the next it was gone! So when the ground firmed up and the weather moderated by the following Friday, I took a springtime stroll around the lawn to see what and where the signs of the season may be. Look! There's one now! A tiny flower peeking out from behind the brown blades of grass:


Maybe the hawks spied it too.

A pecan that the squirrels missed, camouflaged there with the leaves and twigs.


Uh-oh, better paint the house. It's chipping.

A brown spot in the grass? Note, get grass seed.

Holy Solenopsis invicta, Batman! That's no bare spot! It's a fire ant farm!

First robin, looking pretty satisfied with himself, if you ask me!

Decorative rocks by my front door. Soon they will be covered with pots growing morning glories and lavender.
Happy Spring from Georgia!


vicree said...

A charming post! I could almost smell Spring in the air!

Elizabeth Prata said...

thank you! I can't wait for spring. It's almost here... :)