Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Corner View: Repurposed

Jane over at Spain Daily has a weekly theme called "Corner View" in which we all write on a theme from our corner view of the world. This week it's "Repurposed: one object in my house that I´ve found another use for." Be sure to visit the link and see her Corner View and all the links to the others!

At a sweet yard sale one fine summer day, I saw this wonderful little end table. It was handmade, real wood, just the right height for my apartment and couch. The only problem had a huge hole in it, lol. It seems that it is an antique, and the hole was to place a large wash bowl. I still wanted the table, but obviously it cannot be used like this.

At the same yard sale was a heavy piece of Carrara marble for sale was a cutting board. It just happened to be the same size as the table top. Voila! Two items, repurposed for a new use.


la ninja said...

there you go. they come in pairs, don't they? :)

Theresa said...