Saturday, February 27, 2010

Corner View: Street photography

Jane over at Spain Daily has a weekly theme on which we all write or offer pictures of our corner of the world. Be sure to visit her site and click on hers and the other participants' entries for this week's theme: Street photography.

A couple of years ago, I used to love to head into the city (Portland ME at that time) and take photos of things going on in the street. People, activity, stores, sales, events, fairs. All good. However, a lot has changed in the economy since then, and my little town of Comer GA is suffering. The main street is practically deserted, store fronts are sporting 'for sale' and for lease' signs. Not a person is seen strolling here on a mid-day Saturday. Pretty sad. Maybe things will pick up when the local Farmer's Market opens.

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vicree said...

These are lovely old buildings! In today's economy the cost of replacing them with like quality and style would be prohibitive. I do hope someone with vision and faith will maintain them until the perfect buyer comes along and restores them to their former glory.