Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in Georgia

We had a pretty big snowstorm here in North Georgia last night. Though the mountains to the north of us always get some snow, here south of I-85 rarely do. It is a big deal for the folks here to receive this much on the ground. Hopefully not too many people lost power. I did hear of one car flip accident nearby last night, hope that turned out OK.

I lived in New England for so many years, Maine mostly, that I had grown to dislike snow and everything about it by the time I relocated to Georgia. I still dislike it but I can bear with this because it is already melting. The mounds fall off the branches onto my metal awnings with a PLONK and the dripping from the gutters sounds like rain. It is a good sound because it means that the snow will be gone by tomorrow. Ahhh, living in the south is fine.

My side yard

My front yard

My back yard
My birdfeeder!

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Christie said...

Beautiful! There's something wondrous about snow draped trees with a blue sky backdrop.