Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things kids say, continued

I subbed in a kindergarten today. Always fun. At one point I had a small group to myself in the room and we were doing math. There was a 30 second lull as I changed one set of flash cards for another and re-oriented the kids to look at a different bulletin board. As I set it up, they were talking amongst themselves. 'Who was cutest/prettiest.' I had them all give me their cute faces, you now, the one they make looking like a 5 week old puppy when they want something from you. They really were pretty cute and I settled the argument by looking at each one, and said that each one was a cutie pie. One boy then dutifully said, "You are pretty too."

"Thank you,"  I replied.

Another boy, the troublesome boy, the one never listening, never watching, and always talking, always playing ... stopped... looked me right in the eye, and said, "You are pretty because you are happy."

What he was seeing was the joy of the Lord in me. Joy cannot be hid. And it makes everyone pretty.


Susan :) said...

Just curious.... was the boy you mentioned - the one who never listened, always talked, and always played.... by any chance my Alex? LOL Just wondering....

Elizabeth Prata said...

naw, not him. Don't worry! :)