Saturday, October 10, 2009

Then and Now

I used to live in Gray Maine. It was a nice enough town, a bedroom community of Portland and not much to speak of for itself, other than being a "Crossroads" that all cars must pass through to get to the mountains or lakes region. Because of the pass-through traffic, lots of gas stations and convenience stores and fast food places popped up. The landscape included neon and the soundscape included horns. It was that traffic that was one of the banes of the town, though I hearit  has been dampened by the construction of a bypass. My Saturday errands used to include wading through this, ridiculous amounts of cars and trucks to negotiate around.

Gray at night, just some of the lovely neon:

But now I live in Comer Georgia. This is a northeastern Georgia county, heavily agricultural. If you have eaten chicken at a fast food restaurant somewhere, likely it was raised in Madison County. My Saturday errands look like this now:

And I am very happy.


Tina said...

Yes, but chicken houses stink worse than anything. PeeeeeeYEW! Traffic is nothing compared to the stench of chicken houses and chicken litter wafting everywhere. I grew up in the sticks and so glad I'm away from that now. Ugh...I can still remember. And there was no escape...those chickens permeated the air.

Elizabeth Prata said...

LOL! I guess it makes a difference that I have no sense of smell whatsoever...can't smell a thing! I understand that chicken manure is especially permeating...but doesn't affect me in the least.

I am told that the smell of exhaust is no picnic...

I'm glad you're living in an environment you enjoy now, too. It is a blessing to be happy where you live, I believe

Brenda said...

Here's another good thing about Georgia. It was in the great state of Georgia that a Georgia judge FINED Orly Taitz for "wasting judicial resources" for her wacko claims against our President! How much was the fine? $20,000 Wow! Thanks, Orly! We here in Georgia can use that extra 20 grand right now!

Now I see why Georgia must be a great place to live.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Defending the Constitution is now wacko. And truth be told, every state has its share or colorful characters. As for the $20,000, that would come out of her pocket, not the State's. But one good thing about the conservative and fiscally responsible state of GA is that they refused any more ridiculous road signs saying "Your Stimulus Dollars a work", saving $650,000.

Anonymous said...

Nice comparison :) Glad you are happy althought Georgia's gain is Maine's loss.