Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's That Smell In the Air? Why, It's NorCal Burning Down!

From SFist

"If you've noticed over the past couple of days, it's smells a bit smoky, a bit ashy in Baghdad by the Bay. It seems, according to CBS 5, Northern California is suffering from about 950 wildfire right now. The top half of the state is, in essence, on fire. Yikes! So far, Carmel Valley residents have been forced from their homes due to the massive blaze in the Los Padres National Forest over in Monterey County, which is the largest blaze yet."

"Overall, 58,000 acres have been torched over the past couple of weeks. Firefighters from Oregon and Nevada have been imported to help tame the blazes running rampant."

And scientists are "perplexed".

From CBS5: "The storm was unusual not only because it generated so many lightning strikes with little or no rain over a large geographical area, but also because it struck so early in the season and moved in from the Pacific Ocean. Such storms usually don't arrive until late July or August and typically form southeast of California. "You're looking at a pattern that's climatologically rare. We typically don't see this happen at this time of summer," said John Juskie, a science officer with the National Weather Service in Sacramento. "To see 8,000, that's way up there on the scale."

I wonder what could be happening? Could it be a world gone haywire? Associated Press thinks so. I don't. I believe that this 'great unraveling' is expected, orderly, and right on schedule. It is the birth pangs of the End Times described by Jesus at the Mount of Olives, in response to the apostles' query as to what the signs of His return be.

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