Monday, June 16, 2008

Councilor Mancini resigns

It is great to see our hometown newspaper getting the scoop on the news. I enjoy reading the news from my previous hometown and I give congratulations to the crew that keeps the site so fresh!

I read this on a Gray blog a couple of years ago, "Is Gray Quitter Town?" I am sad to see that the revolving door of civic commitment closing ever more inexorably. The people suffer when institutional memory is lost; when the people aren't represented by elected officials but instead by a parade of appointed councilors sitting in short terms till yet another election is held. Sigh.

But on the lighter side, I enjoy looking at all the pet photos on the site!! What a great idea! Who doesn't like a cutie pie doggie or kitty!


Anonymous said...

You'll get a kick out of this site. They even have a whole website for Dems in the media. I wonder why they havent gotten to Ray Clark yet :)


Elizabeth Prata said...

Love it! Thanks! The Dems are so good at mudslinging it's no wonder someone is beating them to it!