Wednesday, August 01, 2007

OMG, she's eating CORN FLAKES!

While I eat my breakfast bowl of corn flakes I have to stand in the middle of the apartment, away from any furniture from which the kitties could launch themselves. The two kitties mewl piteously at my feet like I haven't fed them in 2,000 years. The elder disgruntled, who used to get to lick the bowl at her leisure without noisy brothers around, stares intently at me, willing me to remember she was here first. Luke actually goes bonkers at the smell of milk. If I sit down at the table like a civilized person Luke would launch himself into my bowl right while I'm eating. I know this from experience. It wasn't pretty. At least the laptop survived.

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christie said...

Kitties! Is the first and eldest the "alpha" cat or is she just ignoring the newbies as if by doing so she can make them disappear?