Thursday, August 02, 2007

That new show "Saving Grace"

I like it! I'm a Holly Hunter fan anyway, ever since 'Raising Arizona' and 'Broadcast News', but the show is pretty good. The main character is together professionally but a mess in her personal life, so God sends a "last chance angel" to work with Grace. I'm an angel fan too so any show with an angel from God in it has got my attention.

Quite a contrast to another favorite show of mine, "Touched by an Angel," where the clean and well-dressed angels always smiled beatifically, lit up and said "God loves you." In Saving Grace, Earl the last chance angel who spits tobacco, has a three-day stubble, and is dressed like a homeless man doesn't pull any punches. He looks at Grace and says point blank, "Grace, you're going to hell."

Monday nights at 10 after "The Closer." Boy, TNT sure has some good programming. I'm in TV heaven.


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen that one. I remember an artsy film I saw when I was in college. Black and white. It had Peter Falk in it and I think Lauri Anderson did some of the music for it but it was about an angel in a modern city. Wish I could remember the name of it.


Anonymous said...

Wings of Desire. That was it.

Anonymous said...

The sky over Wenders' war-scarred Berlin is full of gentle, trenchcoated angels who listen to the tortured thoughts of mortals and try to comfort them. One, Damiel (Bruno Ganz), wishes to become mortal after falling in love with a beautiful trapeze artist, Marion (Solveig Dommartin). Peter Falk, as himself, assists in the transformation by explaining the simple joys of a human experience, such as the sublime combination of coffee and cigarettes.

Told from the angel's point of view, the film is shot in black and white, blossoming into color only when the angels perceive the realities of humankind. Ultimately, Damiel determines that he must experience humanity in full, and breaks through in to the real world to pursue a life with Marion.

A hugely acclaimed and multi-award winning movie including Best Director for Wenders at Cannes 1987; which was remade in 1998 into City of Angels starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I saw the original when it came out, I loved it. Hypnotic and lovely.