Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Demographic info about our county

Student and Community Demographic Data

The total enrollment of Madison County Middle School is 1,157, which is 2.4 percent higher than four years ago. The racial ethnic percentages have been consistent over the last four years with a slight rise in the percent of African American students. The percentage of low-income students (students eligible for the free-and reduced-lunch program) stands at 52.9 % for the 2003-2004 school year.

The students of Madison County Middle School are residents of a rural county with a population of 26,214. The per capita income is $21,314. Of the 180 Georgia school systems, Madison County ranks 130th in property (home and business) wealth per FTE weight. The county has 9955 households with an average family size of 3.04. School-age children make up 21.9% of the population of Madison County.

The racial composition of the county is predominately white (87.4%) with 9.4% African-American, 1.93% Hispanic (persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race), and 1.3% other races.

The county has an industry mix of services, manufacturing, state and local government, retail and wholesale trade, construction, transportation, public utilities, and farming. The largest employers in the county are the Madison County Board of Education, with 600 employees; and Trus Joist MacMillan, a producer of Parallel strand lumber, with 250 employees. The number of residents in Madison County ’s employable labor force is 16,139 with 2.6% percent unemployed. Seventy-five percent of Madison County ’s work force is employed outside the county.

Residents of the county are predominantly Protestant in religious belief. Denominations in the county include Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of God , and Christian.


Anonymous said...

Cencus figures for Maine show that the average household income has dropped while the national average household income has risen. Our taxes have not dropped. The number of people dependent on help from the state has risen. Maybe we all need to move down there with you.


Elizabeth Prata said...

that sure is a bad combination. The cost of living down here is low, but so are the incomes. The biggest employer, as with many towns or counties, is the school department. Para-pro jobs are hotly contested because the hours are low, the work is clean, and the benefits are part of the package. Other than the school system, the University 17 miles away, and farming, there are not a lot of job.

The county seat of Danielsville has changed more in the last year than in the last 20: about 5 new businesses have come in, all at once. Mostly restaurants but several retail. They are not fulltime and they are not high paying though.

Housing is less expensive, average rents for a 1 bedroom apartment or trailer are around $400 (includes utilities). Gas is $2.58 and the fresh food (farm stands) are abundant with low prices.

If one is lucky enough to find a full time job like teaching or para-pro, or with the U, you can really sit pretty down here!

Anonymous said...

Another stat came out that homes costs are still up in Maine over last year. I would have figured that they would have started to fall. Not suprisingly, Cumberland county is the most expensive area to buy a home and Piscataquis County is the cheapest.