Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bert is my favorite

He lays behind my laptop screen. Occasionally he attacks a microscopic piece of lint.


Anonymous said...

Seems like your cat is trying to kill your mouse.

Sorry couldnt avoid the techno joke.


Elizabeth Prata said...

LOL! He does find the cursor on my screen fascinating! Can't have that though, so I'm training them to sit behind the laptop. I put out an old dishtowel, and so far they are going for it. Every once in a while I partly close the lid and peek over, curled up and dozing. Awwww!

G. said...

OMG these babies are TOO CUTE. Amazing that your older cat seems to be tolerating them, however grumpily. I would've thought she'd go on boycott (kittencott?) and hide in a closet until they were adolescents.