Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day adventure

I've started using Freecycle again, a Yahoo! group where people post usable things they don't want and all you have to do is pick them up. The items run the gamut from empty laundry bottles to office desk. My landlord built a 10X10 deck off my bedroom and I need to fill it with stuff, on the cheap, so I checked out the group again

There was a posting for cactus planter with live cactus in it, so I jumped on that one right away. The deck is on the north side but it still gets direct sun in the late afternoon and delicate plants are going to have a hard time. Plus if I'm being honest I'm not the best at keeping plants alive. Cactus have a better shot.

The pickup was in Winterville, a town I was not familiar with. Googling it on Maps, I found it was just 15 minutes away. Yippee, I'm there! The Freecycler gave me directions and off I went into the late afternoon of a summer day.

Traveling over rural roads, passing farms and hills just blushing green after a bit of rain, I sighed and declared once again that Northeast Georgia is the best spot on earth. Then I arrived at Winterville and it just got that much cuter. Neatly trimmed clapboard homes with rambling porches and sweetly placed rocking chairs, lawns rolling down to two lane roads, and the town center that looked like it was plucked from the early 1900s and gently set down like a young girl does with her doll furniture.

All in all, a nice sojourn. And the cactus planter was perfect, too.


christie said...

I'm not too good with plants, either. I had one my mom planted for me a few years ago that I somehow managed to keep alive. That is, until I put the little plant outside on the patio thinking it would enjoy the sun. I came home to find it had dropped three of the maybe ten leaves it had on it. That was just the beginning of the end for this plant. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Winterville...pfah! What do they know of winter there!


Elizabeth Prata said...

we do have Summertown!

Also in GA: Between, Dewy Rose, Enigma, Bethlehem, and Damascus.

And last but not least, Walnut Grove

Anonymous said...

I think I would love to live in a place called Enigma. I would decorate the house with posters of the Riddler - who by the way is Edward Nigma or E. Nigmas.


Elizabeth Prata said...

You could always pick Riddleville, GA!

Neat trivia, Riddler being Enigma! Cool