Friday, September 28, 2007

A slow news day in Maine

Bicyclist pedals off Maine State Pier

By Portland Press Herald Staff

"Police say the man who rode his bike off the end of the Maine State Pier last night was admiring the tugboats in the harbor instead of paying attention to the end of the road."

OOPS. I don't think I've done anything quite that smack-your-forehead-worthy, and if I did, I am sure glad it did not end up in the daily newspaper.

Rest of the story (not long) is at the Press Herald site, link above


Anonymous said...

that is a very slow news day when something like that makes it.


Anonymous said...

What really happened is the guys were at the end of the pier for awhile and when he went to turn his bike around he got caught in the wood on the pier and kind of slow motioned flipped off. It was the press herald making news.