Friday, September 21, 2007

I can't alter the due date

The gallery show I have entered is coming and tomorrow all the pieces and parts are due because the curator needs to hang them. Thirty-four artists have entered, woo-hoo! Should be a good show. The curator wants titles, prices, dates, artists' statements, dimensions, synopses. I need to finish writing an artist's statement, develop prices for the pieces and e-mail them, and here, finishing the last page in my altered book.

I had taken photos of several of altered book pages and framed them as entries. When I brought the enlarged pieces and also the book to show the curator, she asked if the book could be in the show too. So that means I have to finish it!

Tea: jasmine blossom. Fresh exacto, new scissors, cutting mat, and a Smithsonian magazine as glue pallet.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!!


Elizabeth Prata said...

thank you!!! I can't wait for the show. There are 34 artists in it!