Sunday, July 29, 2007

My new kittens

I rescued two kittens yesterday. Goodness knows how three indoor cats and me will live in a two-room studio apartment...and will Abby ever get used to her new brothers? All she has been doing for 12 hours is spit and hiss. The kitties were raised in a vet office so they are unfazed at any animal, so I am hopeful that as the new ones continue to ignore her that eventually Abby will learn to share her space. Luke and Bert are 10 weeks old.

Luke. Note the T-P tube for scale.



Anonymous said...

Very cute. My dog loves to play with the tubes from toilet paper and paper towels.


christie said...

Luke and Bert are so cute! Congrats on your expanding family.

Our Ellie sits in the sink the same way, although now at the age of five she is sort of too big and lops over the side.