Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kids doin' stuff

The children of our county...busy, happy, working. These are pics I've taken that were published in the Athens newspaper over the last few months.

Free Puppy

Head Start playground

The Haircut

Play time at the Daycare

Waiting to bat, Spring TeeBall

The Town Fair


Anonymous said...

Some great shots! I have been playing with my digital camera and have come to love the portrait setting.

Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks! I love taking photos of kids. A fun thing is taking photos of photos using my text setting, that way, when I find historic pics, I don't have to remove them from the library or society museum or whereever, I can just take shots of them right there. And I like the "manner/museum" setting so the camera is quiet when I'm taking pics at the HS play.

I'll practice with the portrait setting, something I haven't used too much!

Anonymous said...

I have setting envy now. LOL