Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a whiz!

Car Rolls Into Pond, Sinks When Driver Stops To Urinate On Side Of Road

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A motorist in Orange County who stopped near a road to urinate lost his car when he forgot to put the parking brake on, allowing the vehicle to roll into a pond and sink to the bottom, according to fire officials.

Authorities said the driver of a Toyota Echo was traveling along the 417 early Tuesday when he decided to stop and relieve himself.

However, in his hurry to urinate, he forgot to put the car in park, the report said.

Seconds later, the man watched as his car rolled down a hill and into a dark pond near Boggy Creek. Orlando's dive team put six people in the pond but were not able to find the car, the Local 6 report said.

The fire chief said he feels bad for the driver. "It could happen to any one of us," Orlando fire Chief Ian Davis said. "He waited a little too long to use the bathroom and thought this was a good spot and it turned out to be not so good."

Davis said the dive team will resume its search for the vehicle later Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

We had a car roll into the Androscoggin River last week from the parking lot of Pat's Pizza in Auburn. The owner of the place said this is the second time a car has rolled into the river from the same spot. The owner now is going to install those little parking blocks so no more cars roll into the river.

Elizabeth Prata said...

blocks, now there's a good idea! I can't think of a worse night than eating pizza on the deck and helplessly watching your car go bye-bye in to the drink! Can't be good for business...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they must have gotten that sinking feeling.

Sorry couldnt resist.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it wasn't the 6 pack of beer that had anything to do with it....

Elizabeth Prata said...

plop plop
fizz fizz
o was it
worth the whiz!

couldn't resist either!