Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dreams come true

From Darren and Christie's blog, thanks Christie for the heads up.

"Congratulations to Paul Potts for his outstanding performance of Nessun Dorma and his eventual win on Britain's Got Talent. Watch this clip even if you aren't an opera fan. This guy is amazing."


christie said...

Hey Elizabeth!

I'm glad you like it. I've watched it so many times I find myself humming the tune around the house.

It's fun to watch Simon's face throughout the performance, and then the glance between him and the other male judge at the end when you know they are thinking "Wow. This guy is really good!"

Elizabeth Prata said...

even better the ending of nessun dorman 'Vincero 'means I shall win!

I took my laptop to the wireless cafe today where I'd planned to eat lunch with a computerless friend and showed her!

The judges' glances when he said "opera" were priceless and then the first notes came out and one of them sat straight up. Cool

christie said...

What'd your friend think? Did she like it? I think it's great. I've thanked my co-worker many times for sharing it with me. And thanks for the translation - that ending is totally fitting.

Elizabeth Prata said...

She is 66 years old, and has been the church pianist since she was 11. Needless to say she loves music! Despite the talkative crowd in the cafe, cappuccino machine hissing, and the scraping chairs echo bouncing from the tin ceiling, she heard enough of the clip and saw its power so that she got tears in her eyes too!