Friday, June 29, 2007

Is your state road-worthy?

How are Maine Roads? Georgia? Rhode Island? A new report has been released, Source of data: Reason Foundation, Performance of State Highway Systems, 1984-2005, 16th Annual Report by David T. Hartgen and Ravi K. Karanam. Project Director, Adrian T. Moore, Ph.D. In addition to the actual report and its summary and methodology description, I went right to the visual: the interactive map. If you click on each state it will reveal the following information:

Maine 2005
Overall Rank: 23
2004 Overall Rank: 22
Mileage under state control 8684
Total disbursements per mile $68343.62 (Rank: 14)
Rural interstate miles in poor condition 0% (Rank: 1)
Rural primary road miles in poor condition 2.41% (Rank: 44)
Urban interstate miles in poor condition 1.47% (Rank: 17)
Urban interstate miles congested 2.94% (Rank: 5)
Rural primary roads with narrow lanes 25.89% (Rank: 44)
Fatality rate per 100 million miles 1.132 (Rank: 11)
Deficient bridges 29.87% (Rank: 36)

Click here to see which states fare the best and which have the worst roads.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yah, I love looking at comparison stats. RI was at or near the bottom, but in looking at miles of roads maintained and knowing the population, which is near Maine's, then it becomes clear why RI roads are in such bad shape.

Interestingly, in looking at a lot of states, it's the bridges that are the worst.

In GA, it was Atlanta traffic that brought the state's statistic down, but not that far, as you can see. The roads here are wonderful, even the small country roads are flat, smooth, and have striping AND foglines!