Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tiny fire-crackers popping over nothing

There are a few people in Gray angry that the new Manager hasn't appointed Bob Ryan to the Fire Chief's position yet. They are angry over the fact that the new manager is choosing to delay hiring until she can gain an assessment of the Department's personnel, skills, weaknesses, and therefore make an informed decision about potential candidates for Chief. This makes sense to me.

This same group, the group that tried to get their way by usurping a local election by starting a recall, since the failed recall has challenged our local government for seemingly "rushed" decisions. Just last month regarding the proposed shift of public safety dispatch duties from Gray to County, they cried "We need to stop look and LISTEN to the reasoning behind the proposed changes." Alternatively, they think that "Now for the town manager to delay one iota in this obvious decision to appoint Bobby Ryan as Chief of Gray Fire & Rescue is a travesty." Is it stop-look-listen? Or don't delay one iota? Can you help me out with this one?

In other moments, this group has said, "It is important to allow the town manager to do his job and not try and micromanage operation of the town. Unfortunately, when people who don't understand or perhaps trust the nature of government step into a position of authority, they can make a real hash of things." Bunker, Proudian's BWG blog, March 2, 2006.

I agree, Bunker, I agree.


Town Administrative Code, section SECTION 2 - DUTIES [Manager]

He or she shall perform such duties as are specified in Article III of the Town Charter, including complete executive direction of the administrative services of the Town.

Gray Town Charter Article III says: "The Town Manager shall be administrative head of the Town and shall be responsible to the Council for the administration of all departments assigned. The Manager shall appoint, remove and fix the compensation of all Town officers or agents whose elections or appointments have not been otherwise provided for by this Charter. All such offices shall serve under the direction of the Town Manager."


Sheila said...

the last chief served 30 years. It seems like a big commitment to rush. As a citizen, I need to believe that the manager is making a calm well-thought out, reasoned decision.
Barton, it is said, was a good guy on most fronts. It has been stated that he was not universally adored by all in his dept. and that there were dissenting voices within the ranks. It doesn't take one iota from the ex-chief, it was his time and his turn, and he did it his way. But it would make one hope that the manager would take the time to hear those other voices before making a decision. 30 years is a long tenure.

Anonymous said...

It seems this group wants to be sure there are 3 options for dispatch but only their guy for chief?

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yes. Plus there's more. The legal strategy adage, "Delay helps the defense" is at work here. Their guy for chief, definitely. But also their dispatch people too. Throwing any monkey wrenches into the decision to switch dispatch away from their people is a win. So far they have helped delay the decision for two months. Not bad!