Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Conversation with self

Internet radio is great. I experimented this weekend by searching for and adding another streaming radio station to my iTunes list. Accompanying Native Radio and Radio Margaritaville is now Hawaiian Rainbow, featuring Hawaiian music from all the islands.

After three days over the long weekend of potting around at home and listening as I make my art and write and clean, I had the following conversation in my head:

Self: Gee, this Hawaiian music is irrepressibly happy
Self: Well, if you lived in Hawaii, wouldn't you be irrepressibly happy?
Self: You've got a point.


christie said...

That's a great conversation. My friend has a conference she wants to attend that happens to be on the main island. She's trying to convince me to go with her. I have to say she isn't having to work too hard with her arguments. They go something like this:

Friend: You should come with me.
Me: Okay.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Friend sounds wonderful and Me sounds completely and totally intelligent.