Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reactive to proactive

Being a newspaper editor means you are always reacting to something. A car crash; grab your camera and hustle to the scene. A controversial meeting; rove the audience and get reactions. A new town proposal; manage community responses. When things happen, you have to take an interest. You have to launch out into the world and make sense of it so you can put it in the paper so others can make sense of it. It means your time isn't your own and you're always following something. Being Editor means you life a reactive life. It's a life once removed.

I chose "The Quiet Life" for my new blog because I am really looking forward to a quieter life, but I hadn't realized that it was quieter because I'm now living a proactive life instead of an anticipatory one. Initiating choices instead of gauging reactions. Being active in advance of events instead of living behind them.

So that's enough philosophy for the day. I've got to head over to UPS and buy packing boxes. It's all I can do not to bring my camera with me in case I need to react to something along the way!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to our current town manager and council who the majority think the same way. With one exception maybe, they need to respond to the events of the day.
I thinks it's sad that you have to leave and wish there were resouces here in the state (affordable) that you could stay. Although we have not agreed on some subjects, your opinions were ALWAYS weel thought out and defensable. Your intelect on local issues will be missed...I some how think that you'll always have an interst in what happens here. After all, you are an influence on the betternment of our comminty.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks for your nice words, I really appreciate it. And thanks for saying my opinions were thought out and defensible, that means a lot.

Well, it is a fact that maine is extremely expensive, the salaries are low and taxes are high. But even if I won the lottery there's no way I can change the weather, and more than the cold, I mind the dark.

My legacy I hope is that the community I love so much has become equipped with a voice, the interest, and the tools they need to become productively engaged with their government and their community. That was my aim.

Anonymous said...

Your ripples will continue to be felt in the community- rest assured and enjoy your quiet life :)

Jeanne said...

Take that camera. You are a wonderful photographer. Never mind award winning! (the snow photo..) And the company who solicited you for their web site photos. So, take the camera everywhere.

Anonymous said...

It's the minds eye that she has. It's not a talent or learned , it's an intuative perspective and inherent abilty. It is cherished and desired by the knowing and despised by the insecure. Say good bye before you go.
Ski Kaminski